About the Elisha Foundation


The Elisha Foundation (TEF) exists for the pursuit of Christ-centered transformation in the lives of people impacted by disability through proclaiming biblical truth and providing needed physical resources.

TEF was founded in 2005 by Justin and Tamara Reimer. Justin and Tamara are the proud parents of five children. Elisha is their oldest child and has Down Syndrome. Through their experience raising Elisha and being involved in the special needs community God gave Justin and Tamara a passion to provide encouragement and help to this unique group of people.


Domestically, The Elisha Foundation works with churches, individuals, and other organizations to provide  consistent support to families of people with special needs. These partnerships assist in hosting family retreats in a private and intimate setting to provide refreshment and rest while investing sound biblical teaching into those served.


The Elisha Foundation

TEF’s international efforts are centered around equipping indigenous believers and missionaries with a biblical perspective on disability and practical means of outreach to those with special needs in their communities. We have had the privilege to assist ministries in Ukraine, Slovenia, Russia, and Central Asia.

God has provided numerous opportunities to minister to people with special needs and has richly blessed the work of The Elisha Foundation.

The Elisha Foundation Conference for Disability is another means of pursuing our mission to those impacted by disability. We are working with our guest speakers to prayerfully and thoughtfully coordinate a series of teachings that will hit on the biblical challenges and perspectives parents and caregivers of the disabled are longing to hear.

Depth of content and richness of fellowship will mark this event. Biblical counsel will aid in applying God’s Word to life’s trials and to our roles as caregivers, parents, husbands, fathers, mothers, and wives.

We hope you will join us!